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Simon Maru was elected as a new president of JMSCA, Japan

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JMSCA(Japan mountaineering & Sport-climbing Association) has a new president in 2021. Simon Maru started his climbing in 1970 and joined Keio University Mountaineering Club in 1974. In 1980, he reached Mt. Kedernath Dome in Garwahl himalaya. From 2006, he spent 12 years as a special teacher of Keio University's selective physical education 'Mountaineering' Also he is the head coach of the mountaineering club of Keio high school and the Keio medical school mountaineering club, and he guides the young generations and climbers. In 2019, he was appointed as a vice president of JMSCA, and in 2021, he became a president as the successor to the former chairman, Kuniaki Yagihara . As he has worked in the field of international finance for many years, he made a significant contribution to the 'Tokyo 2020' sport-climbing combined competition. He graduated from Keio University in law in 1978. 



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