About AMMA

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About AMMA

AMMA, Asian Mountain Museum Alliance is a cultural alliance of mountain museums operated by member countries of the UAAA, Union of Asian Alpine Associations.

The aim of this project is to share the current status of mountain museums in each countries and information on mountain museums, and to promote the development of mountaineering in Asia through the exchange of mountain culture.

Since Alpinism was registered as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity at the UNESCO General Assembly held in Bogota in December 2019, alpinism has remained as a value for mankind forever.

Therefore, mountaineering records and tangible materials to realize this alpinism must be protected, exhibited, and left as a value for the future. 

With the realization of these values, members have already formed mountain museums to inherit permanent exhibitions and mountain culture, and some are also preparing. 

The UAAA intends to share these types of mountain record with each other, share information and solidarity to create value for mountain culture and play a role as a long-term future for the next generation.