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The cultural complex offers genuine

Korean mountain culture and alpinism experiences

National Mountain Museum

Unique Korean Culture Associated With Korean Alpinistn and Mountains! 
Experience the History of Beautiful Passion. 

Alpinism is an international common term that refers to climbing mountains. The museum will provide unforgettable, thrilling experiences for visitors as they discover the value and beauty of mountains, which are rooted deep into the Korean culture, and while watching images of the mountaineers who have overcome unpredicted difficulties while taking on the paths made by their predecessors and paving new paths through mountains nobody reached before.

Program Reservation

All experience program reservations should be made on our website before the day of your visit at the latest. You can call or visit our website if you have any inquiries regarding our educational programs such as high altitude training, sports climbing and mountaineering Class.

website : http://nmm.forest.go.kr

Visitor Guide

Operating Hours

- 09:00~1 s:oo (March 1 ~ September 30)

- 09:00~17:00 (October 1 ~ February 29) 

Holiday : New Year's Day

Every Monday 

(If Monday is a holiday, the museum will be closed the following day.) Lunar New Year's Day (3 days : before, during, afte『) Chuseok (3 days : before, during, after)