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Covid 19 - UAAA office in Seoul opens everyday

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작성자 UAAA 댓글 0 조회 2,129회 작성일 20-03-27 23:29


For a large number of our members , the Cpvid 19 situation continues to be the dominating challenge in both private and public life at this time. It seems that this pandemic is unlikely to end immediately. Recently, UIAA officially announced that UIAA office in Bern will be closed until at least 30th April and the staffs are working remotely. They communicate through online tools. BTW, UAAA office in Seoul opens everyday and focus on paperwork and operation a website that has been put off for a while. Regarding on Council meeting which will be held in Tokyo by JWAF, UAAA board proposes to wait until the end-April to make a decision about the staging of the Council meeting. Please do stay and take all necessary precautions.


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