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 THE UNION of ASIAN ALPINE ASSOCIATION Joint Expedition                                         

 Karly Tau Peak 5450 m 

Central Tien Shan Mountains,  Kazakhstan

August 10 – 20, 2020

From local language Karly Tau is “Snow Mountain”.


In Central Tien Shan Mountains it is only easy to climb 5000+ mountain and you don’t need real special climbing skills. It is kind of “trekking peak”. 

Karly Tau peak is located in a front of famous Khan Tengri Peak 7010 m. in an upper part of North Inylchek Glacier. That icy circuit enclosed 6000+ summits of Sary Zhas, Meridionalniy and Tengri Tag Ranges.

Karly Tau Peak is very closed to Base Camp on North Inylchek Glacier - 5 km only.

From the slopes of Karly Tau Peak you will see breathtaking panorama of surrounding icy mountains and especially giant 3000-m Northern Face of Khan Tengri Peak.

The climbing route is: stony moraine at the beginning, then snow-icy slope with fixed ropes to edge of plateau, then snow field to pass and snow ridge to summit.




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