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Title Mongolian Central Mountain Altai club
Address Index:210349, P.O.BOX 49-23, Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA
Tel/Fax Tel : 00976-11-455246, 455705 / FAX : 00976-11-455246


MCMAC was founded 21 years ago by the common initiative of a group of Mongolian mountaineers.The idea to establish a mountaineers clubbe longs to R.ZORIG. The Board of the Club is very proud to state that since the time of its establishment by the restless efforts and assistance of the members, the Club has grown to a wellknown and esteemed organization not only in Mongolia, but in the rest of the world. During more than two decades of its activities, the Club has successfully conducted a significant number of international events, which have made great contribution to the high reputation of our NGO in the world arena.



1986-2007 Annual self - and joint expeditions toMongolian high mountains: Mt.Khuiten(4378m), Mt.Tsast (4186m),Mt.Munkhhairkhan (4280 m) etc.
1992 Tokyo branch of the Club with theChairman Ken Aoyag i-san arranged along term journey involving Japanesetrekkers, water travelers and bikers.
1993The Club in cooperation with the Japaneseskier Yoshimasu Wada organizeda common event for delta planesportsmen, parachutists, and mountaineersinMt.Tsambagarav in Hovdprovince, Mongolia. 
1994Mongolian women team reached thetop of Nayanhan peak in Nepal, men'steam Mt.Jaonli (6632 m) in
1995Alps. Mont Blanc and Mont Moodit bymen
19967850 m height of Mt. Everest. Mongolian N. Jukov achieved this level as member of Indo-Tibetan border police team.
1999Mt. Shishapangma. (8065m) andMr. Boldbaatar
2000Mera Peak (6352m) women, Lobutse(6564m) men
2001Nepal (Appa Sherpa, Imam Gurung)and Mongolian (Mrs. Tsogzolmaa, Mrs.Zaya, Mr.Usukhbayar, Mr.Ganbaatar)Mt. Burged (4310m) at Altai mountainrange, Tavan Bogd.
2005Mt. Everest (8848m) by Usukhbayar G.
1999 The Club is proud to announce thatthe 6th Asian Mountaineers Assemblywas successfully held in 1999 inUlaanbaatar, Mongolia

PROJECTS IN HAND OR IN PROGRESSOrganize Asian mountaineer's joint Expedition toMt. Khuiten ( 4378m), highest point of Mongolia.

RECOMMENDED MOUNTAIN PEAKSMt. Munkhhairkhan (4280m), Mt.Khuiten (4378m),Mt. Burged (4310 m) and Mt. Otgontenger(4095m).