Member's Report
Member's Report
ABOUT:Bangladesh Mountaineering Federation IS A MOTHER ORGANIZATION of all mountaineering & adventure activists association /club .In order to foster friendship and under.. .more
Author.bmf  DATE.2017.03.17 03:47
Yaea is started, long way to be with one ...... !! Bangladesh highest peak ! Till it no,, on our government gadget , Bangladesh Mountaineering Federation work for that .Arrange i.. .more
Author.bmf  DATE.2017.03.17 03:48
IMF Climbathon at Bara Shigri Glacier(Himachal Pradesh): 1 An important event organized this year was the CLIMBATHON, which was run as an Alpine Mount.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.12.08 00:19
Youth Committee of Korean Alpine Federation 1. 2014 Korean Youth Expedition Korean Alpine Federation sends Korean youth to the world's remote mountains in order to raise an en.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.12.08 00:17
Japan Workers’ Alpine Federation (JWAF) 1. Basic Data Number of Members in 2013: 20,472 (Male: 52%, Female: 48%) Number of Member Societies and Clubs in :  648 Age Str.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.12.07 16:45
member's activity report in council meeting 2014 can be reviewed below attached file .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.08.06 16:09
Dear Mr. Lee, President of UAAA Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation (IMSCF) while strongly condemning the brutal terrorist action against mountaineers in Nanga Pa.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.07.30 19:41
The Government of Nepal marked Golden Jubilee Celebration of the first ascent of Mt. Dhaulagiri with various programmes in Pokhara on 13 May 2010. A huge mass with their own respec.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:05
Report 2010- Mountain Guide Training Course by UIAGM / IFMGA standards- Ascents programme: all members made about 600 ascents on altitudes 3000m-7000m- Expeditions: new mountaineer.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:05
AppreciationFirst of allRegarding to Big Earthquake &TsunamiWe sincerely appreciate your encouraging word .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:02
Annual Activity Report (Nov. 2009-Oct.2010)Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation of the I.R. of Iran .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:01
Annual Activity Report (Nov. 2009-Oct.2010)Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation of the I.R. of Iran .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:00
China Taipei Mountaineering Association (CTMA) 2010 activities report.Mr. Chairman Distinguish delegates .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 03:59
CAC had not attend to UAAA events for a long time but from this moment, CAC will join UAAA events with our best.Corean Alpine Club(CAC) hold every year 'Three Nations Students Join.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 03:55
Japan Mountaineering Association 2010 Activity Report up to October 2010 .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 03:54
JMA Annual Report 2008-2009It was fruitful year for JMA particularly organizing several international sports climbing competitions and saw good achievement of young climbers in the.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 03:53
Japan Mountaineering Association : Activity Report 2009 .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 03:52
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