IMSCF Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing FederationSpecial attention to mountain ecosystemAnnouncing mount Damavand and some other mountains as National TreasuresImplementing.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:23
Report of Korean Alpine Federation on Environment activity70% of the entire country is forest. Especially large cities, including Seoul is surrounded by mountains below 1,000 meter.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:22
UAAA Council Meeting Mongolia, 2011 Summary Report of Members on Environmental ActivitiesCompiled and Presented by IMSCF .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:22
20th ANNIVEERSARYHimalayan Adventure Trust of Japan .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:21
Kyrgyz Alpine Club UAAATien-Shan and Pamir Glacier cleaning projectEnvironmental disaster on the largest glaciers of Kyrgyzstan in the Tien-Shan and Pamir Kyrgyzstan is a small cou.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.05.24 04:20
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