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11th Piolet D'or Asia Awards & 9th Golden Climbing Shoe Awards Lifetime Awards(Achievement Awards) The Piolets d’Or Asia Award, whose purpose of establishment is to e.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2016.09.03 19:42
Dear all members Taking the opportunity of the year of the UAAA 20th anniversary, the JAC Overseas Committee in association with the JMA would like to invite you to a Mt Fuji clim.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2015.03.09 16:26
Schedule of the Kyrgyzstan UAAA Counsel Meeting 2015. Bishkek City – Ak-Say Glacier, June 9-15 Dates Day Action Hotel facilities Additional programm Ju.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2015.03.09 16:05
“Gratitude and Reverence to Mountains” from Peace City Hiroshima Hiroshima Appeal, 2014 It has been said that “people are children of nature, and the earth is their best.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2015.01.03 17:49
Congratulations for the New Executive Council of CHKMCU(4th) CHKMCU announced that the 4th Executive Council of the China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union for the pe.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2015.01.03 15:38
UAAA 20th anniversary celebration and General Assembly were held successfully in Hiroshima, Japan on Nov. 25th. Hosted by Japan Mountaineering Association and Hiroshima Mountainee.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.12.06 09:05
International Winter AscentKerman, Iran3-6 February 2015On the occasion of 70th Anniversary of foundation of Iran Mountaineering and Sport ClimbingFederation (IMSCF), in order to p.. .more
Author.imscf  DATE.2014.11.26 21:25
Honored President of MNMF and Former of MCMAC Mongolian Honored Teacher, Academican of the World Academy of Chingiss Khan our and your dear friend ZORIG RADNAABAZAR died an acciden.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.11.17 17:41
Letters from Vladimir, president of Kyrgyz Alpine Club Mountain Spirit Progect 2014 is finished successfully. Technical team in Ala-Archa did six routes and one of them new. .. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.08.06 16:16
As the year 2014 marks the Diamond Jubilee of the first ascent of Mt. Cho-Oyu, NMA has suggested that the government should waive the Royalty Fee for Mt. Cho-Oyu for that year. In .. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.07.09 21:03
The Council meeting of UAAA (Asian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) was held in Hongkong from 30th May – 1st June 2014. The UAAA is the highest Asian governing body of all m.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.07.09 20:51
BMF(Bangladesh Mountaineering Federation) and ACM(Alpine Club of Mongolia) joined as a new member federation of UAAA in the council meeting in Hongkong, 2014. Final join will be de.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2014.07.09 20:36
Jaewook Kim (1970 - 2013) loved the thrill of competition and sport climbing 31 Jul 2013 Editor's note: Sad news came to us from the Korean Alpine Federation about the death of.. .more
Author.Admin  DATE.2013.08.07 18:53
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